Welcome to PureOS App Inclusion Policy!

This document describes the requirements apps need to fulfill to be included in PureOS and in the PureOS Store. A corner stone for PureOS is user’s freedom and therefore PureOS must include only software that respects and protects its users’ privacy and freedom.

Especially for the following reasons PureOS can’t include any non-free software:

  1. It would go against Purism’s Social Purpose Articles of Incorporation, specifically section 2.2 stating with “The Corporation will only use and distribute free/libre and open source software in the kernel, OS, and software in its products.”

  2. It would run afoul of the Free Software Foundation endorsement.

  3. It would not benefit society nor our customers.

Therfore all software, including third-party apps, shipped or distributed with PureOS must be carefully curated.

PureOS uses the Flatpak format to distribute applications to users, have a look at the documentation here.

The key words to indicate the requirement level used in this document are defined in rfc2119.