PureOS follows for the most part the same Flathub’s App Requirements, but does include only Free Software and apps build on top of the sm.puri.Platform. The specific runtime is needed to guarantee the integration for mobile devices.

These are the requirements to be included in PureOS and the PureOS Store

  1. The app’s source code must be publically available.

  2. The app must be published under a Free Software license

  3. The app must have a valid flatpak manifest

  4. The app must have a valid appstream manifest

  5. All dependencies must respect the same license requirement as the app.

  6. The app must use the sm.puri.Platform and sm.puri.Sdk

  7. The app should use GTK (ideally most recent version) since the PureOS platform is build on top of GNOME)

  8. The app must follow Flathub’s App Requirements

Appstream metadata

Flatpak uses Appstream to provide metadata for applications. This will be used by PureOS Store to showcase your app to users, therefore it’s important to add proper and well curated information. To get you started you can follow Flathub’s AppData Guidelines.

In addition to the the requirements in Flathub’s App Requirements the metadata must follow

  1. The metadata must include a project license compatibile with OSI

  2. The metadata license must be compatibile with OSI, ideally it should be licensed under Creative Commons Zero, version 1

  3. The metadata must include content rating infromation, OARS metadata

  4. The app must have an icon at sizes 64×64px and 128×128px, ideally also as SVG or high-resoltuon PNG

  5. The app must have a description

  6. The app must have at least one screenshot, if it provides a GUI

  7. The metadata should contain display size requirements See the docs