PureOS platform

Flatpak runtime

PureOS has it’s own flatpak runtime, because we need specific modifications to allow apps to run well on mobile devices. The runtime is build on top of the GNOME runtime and therefore most apps using org.gnome.Platform should work just fine with the PureOS runtime sm.puri.Platform.

Flatpak repositories

We provide two separate flatpak repositores. One with only apps that use sm.puri.Platform as platform, called stable. This repo allows only apps built from stable releases. The second repository called beta contains less curated apps and therefore allows apps to use different runtimes and may be build from beta releases.

The stable repository can be added via (This should already be the case if you are running PureOS):

flatpak remote-add pureos https://store.puri.sm/repo/stable/pureos.flatpakrepo --user

The beta repository can be added via:

flatpak remote-add pureos-beta https://store.puri.sm/repo/beta/pureos-beta.flatpakrepo --user